The road to Ben Nevis Nov 2009

The road to Ben Nevis Nov 2009
The road to Ben Nevis Nov 2009

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

TGO - the first bit is the greatest!

The Protestant route would go East to West, saving the best to last. But we follow a more Catholic tradition - probably for practical reasons. Getting folk together at the end of a crossing is easy on the East coast, and almost impossible on the West without extending everyone's journey.

So the first bit is the greatest. Let's hope for good weather so we can camp high and are not deflected onto our foul weather routes.

As usual the first four days are in the wild, with the last evening arriving at a resupply point. In this case the Great Glen Hostel with the nearby restaurant & bar on a Barge which was closed when I came past in 2011. 

Glenelg to Inverbervie: TGOC 2015

2015 route has now been approved. Some good advice from my vetter to be digested and taken on board!