The road to Ben Nevis Nov 2009

The road to Ben Nevis Nov 2009
The road to Ben Nevis Nov 2009

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Real sheep, real hills, etc


I'm missing the hills while waiting for the next knee operation. And last week I realised I miss real sheep.

 These Thames Valley sweeties are no substitute.

A llama can carry your pack - upto 25 kilos. I'll be scanning the rules for the next TGO Challenge - I think dogs are mentioned and forbidden but not other animals. And 25 kilos would allow me to improve my diet a lot over my normal carrying limit of 15 kilos.
There seems to be a small industry for Llamas and trekking in the UK. The image below comes from here.
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In the US farmers use llamas to guard sheep against coyote - despite their cute appearance they can kill a dog if it makes trouble.

Llama manure is valuable and much preferred to horse manure as it does not need composting.

Llamas don't like wet feet.

Buy a llama here - looks like it'll set you back £200-£500. But as they are social / herd animals one will not be enough. Whereas sheep available here can be bought for £50-£200 depending on breeding status.

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  1. Yes. And they would be nice and warm at night tucked up in the porch of a Trailstar.